Automated Guided Cart Specifications


  • 1 ton load capacity
  • 3 mph maximum speed
  • Emergency stop button
  • Laser scanner for collision avoidance
  • Auto-charging battery
  • Automated hooking and unhooking mechanism for loads
  • Follows floor-mounted magnetic tape
  • Stops for RFID checkpoints
  • Integrates with most central control systems and database-driven MES/ERP systems
Increases Material Handling Efficiency and Safety

Our AGCs eliminate the need for forklifts on your production floor, preventing collisions and fatalities, while decreasing labor costs.

Off-the-Shelf Industrial Components

With a reliable engineering design our AGCs have high-load capacities, independent suspension, and heavy duty steel frame. Using off-the-shelf components the maintenance team never has to wait for proprietary replacement parts.

Managed By On-Board Traffic Control System

Our AGCs are guided by magnetic tape adhered to the floor and RFID technologies that set the cart’s path. Running off a wireless machine network with an onboard PLC, the AGC communicates with the traffic control system.