Data Collection

Real-Time Data Collection

As the cost of manufacturing in America rises and the demand for cheaper goods increases, it is paramount that companies harness the power of real time data to increase and streamline production. Collecting and implementing real-time data collection isn’t just about adding buzzwords to your workflow. Real-time data collection is an essential addition to maximize efficiency and lower production cost. Collecting all the data provided by machines and production allow management to make quick decisions with useful and time-relevant information. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is one of many key metrics that is captured through data collection that allow for the performance of a process or machine to be tracked and adjusted as needed.

Proactive vs. reactive

Using real time data collection on the shop floor is far more efficient than the outdated method of using paper to track and analyze efficiency within a facility. Without implementing the necessary tools to collect real time data, decisions are based off dated information rather than current trends, productivity levels and other metrics. Implementing data collection software plant managers and employees are able analyze and understand what is happening on the plant floor at any moment for anywhere and act appropriately and quickly in an emergency or when a machine is not functioning at full capacity. No matter how data is collected, it is a vital part of any organization and implementing the proper software to track real time data gives you the upper hand on the competition.

Error reduction

Collection data manually use to be a time-consuming process and there was always the looming possibility that an error was made. Not only were decision makers relying on past data to make real time decisions, but the possibility of errors in the data can lead to inappropriate assessments of the true data. Automating data collection allows for real time analyzing and decision making, and plant managers can rest assured that the data is accurate.

Materials Verification

Tracking every step of a workflow is what makes data collection an integral part of the modern smart factory. Being able to verify materials that are entering a machine prevent unnecessary machine downtime and prevents employee labor from preforming non value added tasks. Implementing materials verification also performs automated first piece audits on products to collect production data and analyze materials for quality, ensuring that each run meets the quality standards established. Automating this process eliminates the risk of human error when determining quality and creates a detailed collection of data points to adjust the process as needed.

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