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Turnkey solutions to automate real time data collection to make informed decisions.
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Industrial Internet of Things
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Who We Are

Dynamic Design

Complete Automation Resource is your single source provider of integrated controls, data collection, machining, and automation solutions. Using off-the-shelf hardware components and dynamic software design, our team implements straight forward control systems to automate any industrial processes, machines, and data acquisition without the need for proprietary parts.

As the only Premier Ignition Integrator in Michigan, we help our customers streamline their processes and turn real-time data into informative critical decision-making tools.

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What We Do

Our Solutions

We are your single source supplier of controls, automation, machining and IIoT data collection. We are committed to you, your product, your customers, and your people. Any project can be scaled to meet your specific and unique requirements.

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Company Timeline

Our Journey

2007: Complete Automation Resource was founded in 2007 when a single Controls Engineer had a vision of a connected factory where machines communicated over the internet.

2010: Within three years, the vision grew into six more engineers and a need to expand from the small office in Rockford, Michigan.

2012: Complete Automation Resource moved into a 10,000 square foot facility that was quickly outgrown

2014: Complete Automation Resource moved north to a 35,000 square foot facility in Cedar Springs, MI.

Today: Complete Automation Resource has grown to 40+ employees and almost 100 customers. We now consist of a full team of Controls Engineers, Software Engineers, Sales Staff, Mechanical Engineers, Machinists, and Designers.

Our vision and goals are the same as when Complete Automation Resource was founded over a decade ago. We strive to exceed customers expectation in quality and customer service and become the leading Industrial Internet of Things integrator in the Midwest.

John DeLaat

Sales Engineer

John Benson



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