Reasons to Use Automated Guided Carts

Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) have been working in warehouses for the better part of a decade and their usage continues to grow year after year. Although many companies’ interest in Automated Guided Carts stem from a need to streamline their material handling systems and improve their bottom line, the benefits of AGCs go far beyond that.

Maximize Labor Utilization & Cost

Unlike human labor, an Automated Guided Cart can run without the need for breaks or shift changes, providing companies the ability to rearrange people, and the labor costs associated, to more important value-added tasks.

AGCs are a single time investment, versus employees who require pay, bonuses, benefits, and additional continuous cost factors. Focusing on long-term company health and growth, AGCs allow companies to save money far beyond the initial investment.



Downtime & Accident Reduction

However, the cost savings isn’t the only benefit associated with minimizing human labor in transferring material. With any human task there is always a chance for an accident. In 2019, according to OSHA, there were 34,900 serious injuries resulting from a forklift accident.

Complete Automation Resource’s AGCs run on a predetermined magnetic path and are equipped with laser scanning for collision avoidance.

This not only significantly reduces the chances for an accident on the plant floor, but also eliminates the chance of damage to materials or the facility structure. Reducing accident rates lowers a company’s liability, prevent unnecessary lost time, and reduce damages to any physical assets.

Eliminate Errors & Improve Efficiency

Mistakes, which humans are prone to make, decrease the efficiency of a company’s process. However, Automated Guided Carts perform tasks with near perfect accuracy. With on-board integrated software, AGC’s movements are traced so materials can be accurately noted throughout the facility.

At Complete Automation Resource, we recognize that your needs are unique to your company and that efficiencies will need to be improved on an individual level. Starting with the base technology of our AGCs, C.A.R. will design and build a custom solution just for your business.

Our AGCs integrate with most central control systems and databases to streamline and adapt to any current systems in your facility. Contact Complete Automation Resource to discover how you can best invest in safety and efficiency for your company.

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