At Complete Automation Resource, we blend our passion for technology, data, and automation to solve your unique business problems. Everything we do is to drive efficiency, optimize decision making, and increase safety for your company.

Starting with our current products as a base or developing an entirely new product, we design custom solutions to match your needs, focusing on programming, software, electrics, and automation.






Food Processing



Solutions for Your Business

Complete Automation Resource operates through custom services to achieve top safety, efficiency, and data collection for any business. With experience in the manufacturing, automotive, furniture, healthcare, municipalities, recycling, and agriculture markets, we are ready to take on your challenges and provide solutions specialized for you.

Go Live Support

Team members of the Controls and Automation Group will be onsite, install equipment and software, and deliver start-up and Go-Live support for 24 hours.

Machine Data Collecting

Complete Automation Resource specializes in acquiring production data from industrial machines regardless of the manufacturer. Whether your equipment has standard communication protocols, or you have legacy equipment that requires custom communication drivers, we have the resources to extract the critical data points that matter most to your business.

Fabrication Design

The ability to fabricate conveyors, tables, and other manufacturing equipment custom to your processes and facility. Capabilities include laser cutting, bending, welding, powder coating, and more.

Enterprise Integration

Complete Automation Resource’s supervisory control and data acquisition software integrates natively with your ERP, MES, EAM, IIoT, OEE, PLM, Accounting, and HR software solutions including Oracle and SAP.

Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial automation and smart factories are improving efficiency with the use of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Complete Automation Resource is Michigan’s Premier provider of controls services and integrator of Ignition software connecting current infrastructure to the IIoT.

Complete Automation Resource is on a mission to change the way companies collect and analyze real-time production data. Our turnkey solutions provide the most effective data collection to pinpoint areas of weakness, allowing you to make necessary changes to improve your efficiency. Our systems monitor processes in real-time giving you the data needed to make informative decisions to keep you running at optimum performance.