Complete Automation Resource is a service-based business solving the custom problems that companies face day to day. Each problem requires a unique solution with tools and products to complement. Below features a few of those solutions that we may tailor to your needs as we have for customers before, or we may design a new product altogether. Whether it is controls, automation, machining, or IIoT data collection, our team is here to assess the problem and create the solution for you.

Our Automated Guided Vehicles helps improve the safety and efficiency of your manufacturing process. The technology can be customized to solve your unique needs.

Virtual Workstations consisting of three (3) Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), RFID Reader, Bar code Scanner, and Camera with integrated machine communication for process control and data collection.

Our team is here to create products that solve your unique needs. Whether it builds upon an AGV or is a completely customized solution, our goal is to support your facility in all its efficiency and safety demands.

Automated Guided Carts

The Automated Guided Cart (AGC) is a wireless, self-driving cart that tows bins holding up to 1 ton of parts from station to station without direct human interaction. Developed with Ignition Industrial Software, our traffic control system communicates wirelessly to our AGC as it travels along magnetic tape throughout your facility. Designed and manufactured in the United States, this versatile tow-cart streamlines material handoffs in the lean factory.

  • Increases Material Handling Efficiency and Safety

    Our AGCs not only decrease labor costs but also eliminate the need for forklifts on your production floor, preventing collisions and fatalities.

  • Off-the-Shelf Industrial Components

    With a reliable engineering design our AGCs have high-load capacities, independent suspension, and heavy-duty steel frame. Using off-the-shelf components, the maintenance team never has to wait for proprietary replacement parts.

  • Managed By On-Board Traffic Control System

    Our AGCs are guided by magnetic tape adhered to the floor and RFID technologies that set the cart’s path. Running off a wireless machine network with an onboard PLC, the AGC communicates with the traffic control system.

  • Customizable Options

    AGC technology has been used to create custom solutions for customers on an individual level. Complete Automation Resource works with each company to find solutions that perfectly fit their unique needs.



  • 1-ton load capacity
  • Adjustable speed up to 3 mph
  • 0° turn radius
  • Integrates with most central control systems and database driven MES/ERP systems
  • (4) Emergency stop buttons
  • (2) Safety laser scanners for collision avoidance
  • Auto-charging battery and dock station
  • Centralized traffic control system powered by Ignition
  • Real time monitoring and alarming

Custom Conveyors

Complete Automation Resource specializes in the fabrication of conveyors and pushers, creating automated and efficient facilities. Our unique ability to customize to your facility and incorporate existing infrastructure means there’s no compromise required to receive exactly what you need.

  • Sensor Capabilities

    Sensors can be designed as a component of your conveyor so movement automatically stops to match the pace of employees, eliminating product backups.

  • Turntable Options

    Make a directional change with a small footprint or sort products using a turntable.

  • Useful Across Industries

    Complete Automation Conveyors are used across a variety of industries with capabilities including, but not limited to, sorting, packing, and material handling within automotive, food, e-commerce, and more.

  • Customizable Options

    Our conveyor technology is utilized to create any layout and design that your facility and individual products may require. "Custom" means more than choosing your width and length; work with our team of engineers to design an entirely unique conveying system.


  • Gravity Conveyors
  • Belted Conveyors
  • Powered Live Roller Conveyors (i.e. Chain, Band, Internal Drive)
  • Plastic Modular Belted Conveyors
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyors
  • MDR Conveyors

Stackers and Palletizers

Crates are automatically scanned, identified, rotated and sorted as they are conveyed to the stacker modules. The Stacker Module will then stack crates vertically and transfer them onto a pallet as complete stacks. Empty Pallets arrive at the system via an Automatic Guided Vehicle, which will be dispensed by the pallet dispenser module one at a time. As full pallets of specific product types arrive at the Palletizing station, the Stacks are then Pushed directly onto pallets.

  • Integrates Seamlessly

    The option to use the conveyor belts already in a customer's space allows for seamless transition into an existing footprint

  • Stacking and Sorting

    Sorts and scans different product types, with vertical buffer accumulation, and palletizes returnable crates.

  • Customizable

    Crate sizes and contents are fully variable and will be adjusted to customer specifications.

UL Panel Build

Complete Automation Resource is an UL Certified Panel Builder and will fulfill all your needs in a panel build.

  • In-House Experts

    We will build from your electrical drawings or create them for you based on the requirements for your system.

  • Safety Knowledge

    Our team can work with you on settings and requirements for safety, sizing, and functionality.


Our employees are skilled metal fabricators and welders with efficient turnaround. Complete Automation Resource’s welding specialists deliver quality custom weldments according to your drawings.

  • Wide Capabilities

    4 specialized MIG welders, 2 specialized TIG welders, and a Plasma cutter on site to service all needs

Data Collection

Harness the power of real time data collection. Let Complete Automation Resource help you make critical business decisions with real-time production data. Data Collection gives Industry 4.0 manufacturers a mobile communication and process control center for the industrial internet of things (IIOT).

  • Real Time Data Management

    Enables you to make informed critical decisions based on real time data. Whether your equipment has standard communication protocols or you have legacy equipment that requires custom communication drivers, we have the resources to extract the critical data points that matter.

  • Built-In Dashboards

    Built-in dashboard reports displaying operator activity, production metrics, downtime tracking, scrap reasons, lot traceability, changeover tracking, cycle time, good/bad parts, and overall efficiency.

  • Electronic Manufacturing Process

    Able to display electronic work instructions, perform electronic tool and color changes, conduct first piece audits, and automatically import bill of materials, production schedule, and process alerts.


Invest in an ergonomic, durable workstation with built-in data collection for a complete solution. Workstation add-on’s include:

  • Pegboard/whiteboard
  • Fan kit
  • LED lights
  • Tool trolley
  • Tool balancer
  • Power strips
  • Monitor mounts
  • Ergonomic keyboard arm
  • Flow rack shelves
  • Light duty drawers
  • Phone/paper trays
  • Casters or anti-vibration leveling mounts
  • Simple or programmable switches
  • Custom sizes, colors, & branding
  • Custom shelving & bracket design


  • Integrated power supply
  • Network I/O interface
  • Fan/light controls via user interface
  • (3) 23” touch screen operator interface with tilt/swivel mounts
  • Ethernet IP label quality camera
  • Wireless bar code scanner
  • Operator occupancy sensor
  • Badge reader for operator tracking
  • Auxiliary power receptacle
  • Auxiliary duplex receptacle for conveyor power feed
  • Auxiliary duplex power receptacle


Our team is here to create products that solve your unique needs. Whether it builds upon an AGV or is a completely customized solution, our goal is to support your facility in all its efficiency and safety demands.